Monthly Archives: October 2017

Season clearance sale!

Winter is coming! At least up here in the north. Incredible prices on E-Wheelin i5W and i5C! Get the original. E-Wheelin is the worlds largest manufacturer of electric skateboards. Several other brands are basing their products on E-Wheelin’s products. Dual hub motors of total 1400W, a Lithium battery from LG and a deck made out […]

Inboard M1 firmware upgrade increases torque by 40%

Yesterday Inboard announced another free firmware upgrade for the M1. This time they’ve focused on torque! The new V2.3 firmware provides a major upgrade to the torque output of the M1, increased by up to 40% in Advanced mode, meaning significant improvements in off-the-line and hill climbing performance. This is the most significant performance upgrade […]