2019! Mellow Boards, Onewheel, Exway X1 Pro Riot, Backfire G2T, Slick Revolution and more!


Spring is just around the corner! It’s been a long winter and we can’t wait to hit the streets again!

A lot of new things has happend and a lot of new stuff are coming in 2019. We kick started the season with EBOARDSTORE Winter Open 2019. The first eskate tournament ever in Scandinavia. We like to believe this was a start of a tradition and the first of many events to come! We are already planning new ones.

We also have an updated logo (above) and a new site on it’s way!

New brands and models

With the new season comes new brands and models. We have during the winter already added a few new brands and models to our assortment. We can now also offer products from Mellow Boards and Onewheel and some new models from some of our previous brands, Backfire Ranger X1, the upgraded Elwing Nimbus and Exway X1 Pro. The Exway X1 Pro also has a little (or maybe big) secret. Later this spring Exway are releasing Exway X1 Pro Riot mode!

Exway X1 Pro RiotImage from Exway USA

Some people love hub motors, others love belt motors. Both will be able to enjoy the Exway X1 Pro, the first electric skateboard to offer a swappable drive system!

So, you think we’re done now? Think again!

A bunch of new stuff is on it’s way!

Slick Revolution!

How about a whole new range of boards from Slick Revolution? Flex-E Carbon 2.0, Flex-E 2.0, Urban 80 and Urban Kick. Soon available as pre-order!


Slick Revolution New Models


Besides the Ranger X1, Backfire have released a new model, Backfire G2T. Once again they’ve released an upgraded version of their now almost classic G2. The G2T is even more fine tuned than it’s predecessors. Soon in store.


Elwing has released a new upgraded version of the Nimbus. Already in store. Soon they’re also releasing their new longboard model, Halokee. This is how they describe it: “Smooth and Stable. An electric longboard designed for sweet long beach cruises and endless dancing lines”. Available soon.

Elwing Halokee

And that’s just a few of the new stuff coming! 2019 offers more suprises!

Stay tuned.