Board Bumpers – Evolve GT/GTX/GTR Street Motor Bumper


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Board Bumpers – Evolve GT/GTX/GTR Street Motor Bumper

Protect your Evolve manufacture warranty with our protective products. Don’t risk voiding your warranty with motor scratches or damage to your board’s deck. All it takes is one mistake.

The Street Motor Bumper – Fits Evolve GT, GTX & GTR boards and is designed to protect your motors from impact and scratches along with your manufacture warranty. But the best part about this bumper is now you can actually rest your board on your motor mounts without worry of scratching the motors. Even though we love our Evolve GT’s theres always one big problem, you can’t rest the board on its tail. Always having to pick the board up off the ground or leaving it sitting on all four wheels. Now with Board Bumpers patent pending design you can hold your board more comfortably when not riding. A set of these bumpers is a must have for any Evolve Skateboard enthusiast.
NOTE: ABEC 11 97mm wheels fit with this bumper. 
The Motor Bumper is made from high-quality polyurethane and has been designed to protect the exposed motors of the Evolve GT series of electric skateboards. Now you can tip your board up and rest it tail down without fear of damaging the motors.

Included in the package

  • 2x Street Wheel Motor Bumpers
  • M4 mounting screws
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