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Mellow Boards in stock

Since about a week we’re stocking one of the best electric skateboards on the market. The Mellow Drive from Mellow Boards is an innovative modular drive system that can be mounted on pretty much any skateboard or longboard deck. The Mellow Drive has supersmooth acceleration and powerful braking. Mellow might have the best brakes on the […]

The popular Onan X2 back in store

We are happy to once again be able to offer Onan X2 in our store. Both the booster pack and the full board. These products will however not be something we’ll hold in stock but will be sent directly from the manufacturer. The reason for this is to always be able to offer the latest […]

3… 2… 1… Ignition!

  Today we are very happy to announce that we’ve launched our site and webshop! Befind the site is KCKFLP Sweden AB. We are Swedish-based retailers of electric skateboards and booster packs. From the beginning we offer the following products in our shop: Onan X1 an X2 (boosters and complete boards), Koowheel D3M red and white, Maxfind […]