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Evolve Skateboards – Upgrades to the GT-series

For the upcoming season Evolve Skateboards have done quite a few improvements and upgrades to the boards in their GT-series. Read below where we go through the improvements and upgrades that has been done:: Evolve GT Pro-Tech Belt Covers Boards will now be coming assembled with the Pro-Tec belt covers installed. These will help to […]


We’re happy to announce that we’ve added ShredLights to our assortment. Both Headlights and Tail lights. ShredLights are compatible with pretty much any electric skateboard. Just make sure you choose the correct brackets:   Tail lights Boosted Board (1 gen + 2 gen) – Choose Boosted Bracket Evolve GTX/GT – Choose GTX/GT Bracket (Step) Hub motors – Choose […]

Koowheel D3M electric skateboard – complete guide

Koowheel D3M electric skateboard is perhaps the most priceworthy electric skateboard on the market at the moment. Below you’ll find a guide containing more or less everything you need to know about the Koowheel D3M. We have compiled all the relevant information you might need. Are you missing any information? Leave a comment and we’ll […]

Boosted Board Alternatives in Europe

Boosted Board electric skateboard might be the most famous electric skateboard on the market. Founded in 2011 by Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen and Matthew Tran in Palo Alto, California. The coverage of the Boosted Board by the American personality Casey Neistat helped Boosted Board gain a lot of attention. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to […]

Beginners Guide To Electric Skateboarding

Maybe you’re looking into getting your own electric skateboard but haven’t even ridden a regular skateboard before? Don’t worry, help is on the way! Check out this nice tutorial from the Australian guy Sam at ESkate Nation. You’ll be hitting the streets in no time!

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