JayKay e-trucks


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JayKay E-trucks - Europe
JayKay e-trucks


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Pimp you classic longboard with these e-trucks from JayKay. The drive is completely hidden in the trucks themselves and, this is what makes the JayKay completely unique, you are the only one who knows it is electric!

The package includes
* Two synchronized e-trucks
* ring remote control
* Two power supplies with USB C connector
* Skate tool

The E-trucks are patented and can be installed/mounted all longboard decks, even drop through or top mount. The drives are designed to be used in pairs and they are classed as IP54 protected agains dust and splash water. They are made with high quality aluminum alloy that is normally used for automobile axels, this forms the housing for the eletronics and the motors.

Width outside (wheel outside to wheel outside) – 291 mm
Width inside (wheel inside to wheel inside) – 168 mm
Height (wheel – baseplate top) – 102 mm

Wheel diameter 80mm.

Each truck is equipped with four cells with 2170 and a BMS to protect the battery. The charging time is approximately 2,5h and the batteries lasts for 500 charging cycles. Battery charging via power supply with USB PD starting from profile 2 (due to long charging time we recommend at least profile 4)

When breaking the energy is reused to expand the maximum range. This also enables you to brake even when the battery is empty. The electronics detect when the drives is off the board, so it will automatically brake in case you fall of or step off your board.

The e-trucks are controlled by a “ring” which controls acceleration and braking. The small display on the ring informs you about current speed, battery status and ring mode.

Please read the safety information carefully before purchasing!

Additional information
Max speed


Charging time


Climbing grade


Motor type

Hub motors



Regenerative brakes


Wheel size


Please make sure to carefully read through the information about proper safety gear, legality, charging and battery safety, riding conditions and maintenance here before taking you board to the streets.
Shipping & delivery
This is a pre-order, please see product description for delivery details. Depending on the package content we ship with Schenker, FedEx or DHL.
Product is covered by an extended warranty and we therefor offer two year warrany. Read more about our warranties here
About JayKay

Jaykay - logo - electric trucks in Europee

JayKay is a german brand who makes electric trucks that can be mounted on basically any longboard available. They transform your existing lonboard to a completely anonymous electric skateboard, only you know it's electric! EBOARDSTORE is an authorized dealer of JayKay in Sweden.