Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard


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Massive Power in a Compact Package.

Designed in San Diego by lifelong skateboarders and surfers, Riptide was built on the belief that an electric skateboard can be super powerful and incredibly convenient, while retaining all the features that make an unpowered board great.

With its compact length (79cm), and light weight the Riptide is easier to take with you than longer electric boards. Bring it everywhere and within seconds you can stash it under a train seat or in the trunk of a car.

With its built-in handles you can literally pick up the Riptide with one finger.

The Riptide’s 97wh battery is precisely engineered to fit within TSA guidelines, so you can carry the board on an airplane and take it on all your adventures. *

With an 1800W dual belt drive the Riptide can keep up with some of the fastest boards on the market. Don’t let the board’s small size fool you, it has major power.

The remote comes with three speed modes:

  • Beginner – Reduced acceleration and top speed. Perfect for learning.
  • Eco – Reduced acceleration / Maximum top speed. Best for maximizing range.
  • Expert – Maximum acceleration / Maximum top speed. Let that dual belt drive rip.

Max speed of 28km/h and 11km range

Included in package

  • Electric Skateboard
  • Remote Control
  • Charger
  • Manual
  • Skate tool
  • Sticker

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Please read the safety information carefully before purchasing!

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Please make sure to carefully read through the information about proper safety gear, legality, charging and battery safety, riding conditions and maintenance here before taking you board to the streets.
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Since we are so confident in the quality of our products, we offer one year warranty Read more about our warranties here
About Riptide

Dedicated maker of electric skateboards with belt motors. Very small and slick electric skateboard with a small kicktail.