Romp Supply – Shock Guard, Green (Boosted Board V1, V2, Plus, Stealth)


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Romp Supply – Shock Guard, Green (Boosted Board V1, V2, Plus, Stealth)



The ROMP Shock Guard is the last bash guard you’ll ever need. Utilizing a highly resilient rubber, the Romp Supply in-house designed Shock Guard is developed to withstand the outdoor elements and the trials of daily commuting.

Rain. Road Crud. Curb Smashes. You name it. It can handle it.

The ROMP Shock Guard replaces the stock risers on Boosted Boards and protects your deck in the event your board takes an unexpected run into the curb.

What’s the difference between a tradition bash guard and the ROMP Shock Guard? The specially formulated rubber of the Shock Guard allows the already essential Boosted Board accessory to have multiple functions.

  • Doubles as a Shock Pad: The ROMP Shock Guard will reduce road vibration and improve ride comfort.
  • Minimizes Impact Forces to Deck Screws: Unlike common plastic bumpers, the ROMP Shock Guard’s rubber formulation minimizes impact forces to the deck screws, adding more value to an already essential accessory.
  • Shatter-Proof: Your investment will remain protected, no matter how many curbs you throw at it.
  • Rest Your Board in Peace: When mounted as a tail guard, the rubber composition prevents your board from sliding and falling when vertically rested on a wall, particularly when rested on a hard, slick surface.

This product is compatible with the following Boosted Board models: V1, V2, Plus, and Stealth. This product is NOT compatible with Boosted Mini S/X.

Included in the box:

  • One (1) ROMP Shock Guard, Green
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