Urskog is a Swedish riding concept that arose where the darkest forests of the far north met Californian surf culture. A rider and a carpenter wanted to create a classic wooden surf with updated technology and a nordic touch. They created boards with clean surfaces based on the conditions of the wood. But soon one realized, of course, that we live in atomic winter cold Sweden and not in lovely California. Here you surf in the wetsuit as long as the ice stays away. But where the sea ends, the asphalt begins, and they took the waves to the street and also started to create longboards to extend the season. Urskog is a Swedish brand created by Christoffer Stivén and Love Trollbäck. Classic materials and surf feeling are key words in the manufacture of Urskog's boards. The boards are a perfect match with for example a Mellow Drive or similar. EBOARDSTORE is an authorized reseller of Urskog in Sweden.
Urskog longboard i Sverige


Handmade and crafted in Sweden!

Handmade, signed and numbered

The most versatile and classic of Urskog's material is here in focus, the wood. The boards' surfaces are the trees, the bare grain and the surface material chosen is the only graphics that adorn the boards from Urskog.
Urskog brädor signerade


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