Michael Blast

The Michael Blast brand was started by a bunch of friends from all over the world who together decided to create unique and cool vintage / retro-inspired electric vehicles.

Utilizing their cultural differences (ranging from the fashion capital of the world, France, the mighty US, the beautiful landscapes of Canada and Hungary, to the sandy beaches and laid-back lifestyle in Australia), they produce unique designs inspired from their respective backgrounds.

Michael Blast pushes the boundaries and go beyond the stereotypical, by creating a series of electric bikes that are both fresh and funky, while also channeling their owners' free souls.

The electric bikes from the #LifeStyle series are inspired by timeless masterpieces such as the  Board tracker from the 1920's and 1970's Yamaha Chappy along with many many more.

To stand out from a crowd is beautiful thing and Michael Blast is proud to have embraced that way of thinking throughout the product line of electric bikes. It doesn't matter where in the world you are or who you are, your Michael Blast electric bike has your back!

EBOARDSTORE is an authorized reseller of electric bikes from Michael Blast in Europe.

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Michael Blast

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