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Mellow drive is a drive kit that can be mounted on virtually any skateboard or longboard to convert it into an electric skateboard. The product is almost entirely manufactured in Germany and the manufacturing follows the same standards as for cars. Every detail of a Mellow drive breathes quality, everything from the remote control (used to gas and brake) to the wheels and motors. A Mellow is also water resistant and dust-proof (IP65) and has a two-year warranty, another advantage is that the battery is approved for air travel, so you can bring your Mellow board on the aircraft on your holiday or on domestic flights within your country. EBOARDSTORE is an authorized dealer of Mellow in Europe. See all the products from Mellow Boards here

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Mellow Drive can be mounted on virtually any skateboard or longboard. Simple mounting, just four screws/bolts like a regular truck.

Mellow Boards

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