Evolve Stoke, Ownboard, Alterbags, Skate Kastle, Board Bumpers, Romp Supply, Lifestyle etc etc etc

As you may have noticed, this season we have filled up with lots of new brands and products, but have been pretty bad at communicating it. Here’s a quick review of some of what has happened lately.

Our goal is and always has been to be the best and most well-stocked skate shop in Sweden and Europe. Therefore, we are very happy to be the only dealers within Sweden and Europe to offer eg. products from Alterbags, Skate Kastle and Romp Supply and as the only retailer in Sweden can offer eg. products from Board Bumpers and Ownboard.

Evolve Stoke, now in stock! Evolve Skateboard’s newest model, the GTR boards kid brother!

In addition to the above, the price of the already incredibly affordable boards Nimbus and Halokee from Elwing has dropped sharply! These are now available at incredible prices!

Our own products are now also available! Rep EBOARDSTORE with your own hoodie, t-shirt or bag!

We have also snuck in a “Lifestyle” section on our site. In there you’ll find, among other things, some really cool electric bikes. We will launch this section properly in the future.

The season has passed quickly and we are now heading towards a heavy period of cold and snow. But don’t despair! If everything goes according to plan, we will host Winter Open again in February 2020!

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