Schedule for EBOARDSTORE WINTER OPEN 2020 09:45 – Registration opens 10:00 – Access to the track 10:00-12:00 – Freeride, demos, test rides etc. Open to the public. 12:00 – Race introduction 12:15 – Race, Round 1 13:15 – Race, Round 2 14:00 – Race, Round 3 14:30 – Race, Round 4 15:00 – Race, Round 5 15:30 – Race, FINAL! […]

Evolve Stoke, Ownboard, Alterbags, Skate Kastle, Board Bumpers, Romp Supply, Lifestyle etc etc etc

As you may have noticed, this season we have filled up with lots of new brands and products, but have been pretty bad at communicating it. Here’s a quick review of some of what has happened lately. Our goal is and always has been to be the best and most well-stocked skate shop in Sweden […]

Exway X1 Pro / Riot Demo

BRING ON THE RIOT! Exways X1 Pro back in stock. Together with Riot! Both full Riot boards and the Exway X1 Pro Riot kit is available and ready to ship! On Monday 29/7 at 17:00 we’re hosting a demo event for all Exway boards. Demos, test rides, giveaways and groupride. Come by the Ekonomikum park […]

Unlimited x Loaded – When Planets Align

The market for electric skateboards is being redesigned. The collaboration between classic longboard brand Loaded and Unlimited sends clear signals about the development of electric longboards and skateboards. Loaded has been in the longboard industry since 2002 and manufactures a lot of high quality skateboards with focus on carving, dancing, freeride and downhill. Loaded and […]

Evolve Skateboards GTR!

Evolve GTR is the name of Evolve Skateboards latest product serie. And in line with Evolves prior product series the GTR is released in two versions, Evolve GTR Carbon and Evolve GTR Bamboo. Many have speculated in if or when Evolve will release a new product. May 14 is the official launch. June 19 we […]

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