ShredLights was founded in 2013 thanks to a program at San Diego State University. The founders began to design and test various mounting plates to attach ShredLights to the boards. Thanks to this testing, the founders came up with the key features that were essential to the product; the ability to remove them, rechargeable, durable and they would not affect the board's performance. After a number of design changes and a few years later, they were ready for the market. The first ShredLights were completely 3D-printed and manufactured by hand and sold out in less than a week. The production was scaled up and developed, in 2016 the first commercial version of ShredLights, the world's most advanced lights for your electric skateboard, was released. EBOARDSTORE is an authorized dealer of Shredlights in Europe

Check out what Casey Neistat has to say about the Shredlights

Casey Neistat is an american youtuber, film maker, vlogger and electric skateboard ambassador.

Feel safe when doing nightly rides! ShredLights are easily installed on your board or helmet (just a couple of minutes) and lets you ride safely no matter the time of the day!


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