Evolve skateboards

Evolve Skateboards is one of the world's largest brands in electric skateboarding and has been in the industry since they released their first electric longboard back in 2012. The boards are available in different designs and models, there is a carbon for skaters who want a stable and controlled ride or bamboo for skaters who want a slightly more flexible and softer feeling. It is also possible to switch between ATVs or ordinary longboard wheels. Since an electric skateboard from Evolve can be adapted in so many different ways, you don't have to be afraid to have made a bad decision when purchasing your first electric skateboard. We have been selling Evolve Skateboards in Sweden since 2017 and have many satisfied customers. EBOARDSTORE is an authorized dealer of Evolve Skateboards in Sweden. See our full range of Evolve Skateboards

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Evolve Skateboards

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