1Protect Gloves


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1Protect Gloves

The gloves from 1Protect are lightweight, affordable hand protection for eskate, Onewheel, EUC and LDP longboard riders.

Why 1Protect gloves?

  • Lightweight hand protection
  • Ability to use your phone or remote with gloves on
  • Ability to use your hands while still protecting them
  • Doubled up fabric on thumb for extra protection
  • Comfortable mesh uppers
  • Knuckle protection
  • Pull tabs on each finger for easy removal in all conditions
  • 1 set of removable hard TPU palm pucks
  • 1 set of removable soft palm pucks

Size guide

XS: 152-178mm

S: 178-203mm

M: 203-228mm

L: 228-254mm

XL: 254-280mm

XXL: 280-305mm

1Protect Eskate Glove - Sverige



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Shipping times for Europe: 4-6 days. Depending on the package content we ship with Schenker, FedEx, DHL or Swedish Post.
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