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Elwing has taken their concept and with the new PowerKit made it even better! One of the most priceworthy boards on the market.

Elwing POWERKIT is a fully customizable high performance electric skateboard.

Pick a deck, combine it with the motors you want (Single or Dual drive), then choose the battery size you need. Batteries are removable with just a skate tool so that you can swap on the go keep riding forever.

All parts are modular so you can change your mind and upgrade whenever you want a different deck, a more powerful or lighter board. All easy to swap on your own.

The Halokee as described by the manufacturer: “Smooth and Stable. An electric longboard designed for sweet long beach cruises and endless dancing lines.”

Halokee is a great electric longboard for those who want to cruise and coast easily around the city. It’s a comfortable and powerful carving machine. The long deck allows large smooth turns and absorbs all vibrations. The wheels are large and soft for maximum comfort on any surface. This unique electric board was designed around the idea that adding power to a skateboard shouldn’t diminish its innate performance.

  • True longboard feeling, Canadian maple, 95,5 cm long and 24,4 cm wide.
  • Remote: 3 modes (Sport, City, Eco)
  • IP65 classification (splash proof)

Standard battery: 90Wh. Safe for air travel *

Long range battery: 216Wh. Not approved for air travel.

In the future we’ll keep all parts of the Elwing PowerKit in stock.


  • Single drive | Standard battery
    • Hill climb: Up to 10%
    • Weight: 6,3kg
    • Range: 15km
    • Charge time: 90min
    • Top speed: 32km/h
  • Single drive | Long range battery
    • Hill climb: Up to 10%
    • Weight: 6,9kg
    • Range: 36km
    • Charge time: 3h
    • Top speed: 32km/h
  • Dual drive | Standard battery
    • Hill climb: Up to 20%
    • Weight: 7,3kg
    • Range: 12km
    • Charge time: 90min
    • Top speed: 38km/h
  • Dual drive | Long range battery
    • Hill climb: Up to 20%
    • Weight: 7,9kg
    • Range: 30km
    • Charge time: 3h
    • Top speed: 38km/h

Included in package

  • Electric Skateboard
  • Remote Control
  • Regular Charger (Europe and US plugs)
  • Skate Tool
  • Reflective armband
  • Front/rear lights
  • Finger bell

* always check regulations with your airline before

Please read the safety information carefully before purchasing!

Additional information
Max speed

32km/h, 38km/h

Charging time

1.5h, 3-4h

Climbing grade

10%, 20%

Motor type

Hub motors


500w (dual), 500w (singel)


12-15km, 30km

Regenerative brakes


Wheel size




Please make sure to carefully read through the information about proper safety gear, legality, charging and battery safety, riding conditions and maintenance here before taking you board to the streets.
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Since we are so confident in the quality of our products, we offer one year warranty Read more about our warranties here
About Elwing

Elwing is a french company who has been in the electric skateboard business since 2014. EBOARDSTORE is an authorized dealer of Elwing in Europe.
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