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Onewheel Fender - Europe
Onewheel Fender

The Onewheel Fender is the most popular Onewheel accessory available. And for good reason! Onewheel Fender is a screen kit that prevents dirt and debris from kicking up on your footpads, shoes and pants.

A Fender lets you embrace the elements and attack the most challenging and messiest roads. The fender is easily screwed in place using the included fasteners and allen-wrench, so you can easily install and remove them.

This pant, shoe and footpad protector is the best way to outfit your Onewheel for any ride.

Included in package

  • Onewheel Fender

Compatibel with Onewheel XR

Please make sure to carefully read through the information about proper safety gear, legality, charging and battery safety, riding conditions and maintenance here before taking you board to the streets.
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About Onewheel

OneWheel is a self balancing board that was invented by Kyle Doerksen from the company Future Motion inc who are located in California, USA. The company was founded in 2013 and have since increased in popularity.
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