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As you may have noticed, this season we have filled up with lots of new brands and products, but have been pretty bad at communicating it. Here’s a quick review of some of what has happened lately. Our goal is and always has been to be the best and most well-stocked skate shop in Sweden […]

Evolve Skateboards GTR!

Evolve GTR is the name of Evolve Skateboards latest product serie. And in line with Evolves prior product series the GTR is released in two versions, Evolve GTR Carbon and Evolve GTR Bamboo. Many have speculated in if or when Evolve will release a new product. May 14 is the official launch. June 19 we […]

Evolve Skateboards – Upgrades to the GT-series

For the upcoming season Evolve Skateboards have done quite a few improvements and upgrades to the boards in their GT-series. Read below where we go through the improvements and upgrades that has been done:: Evolve GT Pro-Tech Belt Covers Boards will now be coming assembled with the Pro-Tec belt covers installed. These will help to […]

Evolves R2 remote

A few weeks ago Evolve Skateboards released a new remote control, R2. The R2 uses magnetic trigger technology for smooth acceleration and brake feeling, 2.4G communication, has an LCD digital screen giving real time riding data such as speed, distance and board diagnostics, a programmable Safety/Deadman switch, 4 Speed modes (GT, FAST, ECO & SLOW) and an […]

All Evolve models

We’ve added several more electric longboard/skateboard models from Evolve to our catalog: Evolve Bamboo GTX Street Evolve GT Bamboo Street Evolve GT Bamboo All-Terrain Evolve GT Carbon Street Since before we have the following models in our assortment: Evolve Bamboo GTX All-Terrain Evolve GT Carbon All-Terrain Evolve One This means that we as resellers now […]

Evolve Skateboards in store!

We are very pleased to be able to announce that we now are resellers of Evolve Skateboards. Evolve Skateboards are one of the absolute biggest brands in the electric skateboard industry. Initially we will offer the following boards in our store: Evolve Bambu GTX AT Evolve GT Carbon AT Evolve One In addition to this […]