Meet Elwing!

Elwing Electric SkateboardsWe keep adding new brands and new models to our assortment. Our newest addition is the E1-500 from Elwing Boards.

Elwing Board E1-500 Elektrisk Skateboard

The Elwing Board is a very powerful and compact electric skateboard. Lightweight and easy to carry under your arm, it beats the traffic and climbs hills up to 10%.

But it’s not only about having a good power/weight ratio. This board is the only electric skateboard that really preserves all the fun of skateboarding. it’s all about the details. The wheel wells prevent from wheel bites that usually occurs in short turns and carving. The progressive concave increases stability and grip. The kicktail is made for ollies, manuals and other classic skateboard tricks. The large and soft wheels absorb vibrations and guarantee a good grip. Finally, the trucks are versatile. They are good at high speed as well as short turns.

Real lightweight, only 4.7kg and a compact deck size, 76cm long and 23cm wide.

Max speed of 30km/h and 10-15km range!

Vi har över 4,5 i snittbetyg hos Trustpilot