Unlimited x Loaded – When Planets Align

The market for electric skateboards is being redesigned. The collaboration between classic longboard brand Loaded and Unlimited sends clear signals about the development of electric longboards and skateboards.

Loaded has been in the longboard industry since 2002 and manufactures a lot of high quality skateboards with focus on carving, dancing, freeride and downhill.

Loaded and Orangatang have prior manufactured boards and wheels used by Boosted Boards. Now they are taking the market by storm and launch their own product in collaboration with Unlimited!

Unlimited was founded in 2016 by a group of friends, most of whom had a background in technology and experience from various degrees engineering degrees from universities.

Unlimited’s motors and batteries can be mounted on virtually any longboard, you don’t even have to replace your existing trucks.

A robust and lightweight electric skateboard drive from Unlimited with a nice board from Loaded and overly fat wheels from Orangatang.

Can it get any better? We don’t think so.