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Boosted Board Alternatives in Europe

Boosted Board electric skateboard might be the most famous electric skateboard on the market. Founded in 2011 by Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen and Matthew Tran in Palo Alto, California. The coverage of the Boosted Board by the American personality Casey Neistat helped Boosted Board gain a lot of attention. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to […]

Beginners Guide To Electric Skateboarding

Maybe you’re looking into getting your own electric skateboard but haven’t even ridden a regular skateboard before? Don’t worry, help is on the way! Check out this nice tutorial from the Australian guy Sam at ESkate Nation. You’ll be hitting the streets in no time!

3… 2… 1… Ignition!

  Today we are very happy to announce that we’ve launched our site and webshop! Befind the site is KCKFLP Sweden AB. We are Swedish-based retailers of electric skateboards and booster packs. From the beginning we offer the following products in our shop: Onan X1 an X2 (boosters and complete boards), Koowheel D3M red and white, Maxfind […]