Exway X1 Pro in Europe!

Finally we have the Exway X1 Pro boards in stock! All pre-orders have been shipped.

The Exway X1 Pro is one of the most discussed boards at the moment. With the impressive specs and performance together with a reasonable price more than a few have called it a “game changer”. It’s a worn out expression but in this case I think we are inclined to agree. This is a very impressive board! The already well performing Exway X1 have been upgraded with no significant tradeoffs and the Pro version has more torque, more range and a higher top speed. Read more about it here: https://e-boardstore.eu/product/exway-x1-pro-electric-skateboard/.


So what about Riot? Well, the Exway X1 Pro gives, as the first electric skateboard, the ability to swap drive system! Some people love hub motors, others love belt motors. Both will be able to enjoy the Exway X1 Pro! Available in April.

Exway X1 Pro Riot