Evolve Skateboards – Upgrades to the GT-series

Evolve GTX Street - Sverige

For the upcoming season Evolve Skateboards have done quite a few improvements and upgrades to the boards in their GT-series.

Read below where we go through the improvements and upgrades that has been done::

Evolve GT Pro-Tech Belt Covers

Boards will now be coming assembled with the Pro-Tec belt covers installed.

These will help to add increased protection to motor plates over the older units, and for some customers, add the ability to stand the board on end.

New bearings

New Evolve Speedball Bearings now have built in spaced bearing races, eliminating the need for spacer tubes within the wheels and speed rings either side of the bearings. These are now standard equipment on boards.

These will make wheel changes a lot easier and quicker both in house and for customers, plus less chance for rattles.

Stronger And More Durable Motor Plates

All new boards now have stronger motor plates, being made from 7075 alloy. Old units were 6061.


Screws on the boards have also been changed. All board screws now use 1/8” size Allen key. Motor screws, carbon battery case screws, belt cover screws and motor controller screws have all been changed.

This will assist in reducing the number of tools required to work on the board, making it simpler for the customer and production.

New Design On Motors

All GT(X)’s now are coming with new style motors, assemble with redesigned outer housings. The housings have no holes on the back end and have been redesigned to improve the motor housing connection with the motor shaft.

The motors will also arrive with protective film around them to help reduce marks to them before the customer receives the board.

New Rear Struts

Rear struts now have an incorporated “spacer” molded in the alloy casting. This eliminates the need for the large silver speed ring on the inside of the drive gear bearing. 

** All improvements and upgrades are included on all GTX boards in our stock.